My Columbine: Catharsis, prelude to Ritual Violence

My Columbine 2018 Catharsis Single Art

Pretoria, South Africa: My Columbine spent the last two years carving a healthy space for itself in the hearts of Gauteng metalheads. In 2017, it progressed not only to the South African finals in the Wacken Metal Battle, but also embarked on a first inter-provincial tour with a visit to Bloemfontein. This year, My Columbine seeks to imprint itself into the immortal realm with an album. Today, we see the release of My Columbine‘s third single, ‘Catharsis’, as the album launch date approaches in March.

The message is clear. The band asks: are you ready for Ritual Violence?

Catharsis, in the name of Metal… or Humanity?

The concept of Catharsis is very familiar to metalheads. In some ways, it is the fundamental essence of our very existence as a sub-culture. In this song, My Columbine takes it to a different stage; a little more fantastical and dramatic:

“Catharsis follows an alien invasion met with resistance by humanity who, through conflict and
hostility achieve a mass cathartic release of the negative norms held by society as a whole.” ~ Sven Borgstrom (bass guitar, My Columbine)

With Ritual Violence only a matter of weeks away, why not also revisit My Columbine‘s previous two singles; ‘3:00am’, which came to us last month, and ‘Vigorish’ from December 2017.

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