My Columbine: Vigorish, first peek at upcoming album

My Columbine 2017 Vigorish

Pretoria, South Africa: established in 2012, My Columbine has enjoyed a growing fanbase whilst playing the local circuits for the last couple of years. However, the band’s greater aspirations are soon to be realized by the arrival of its debut album ‘Ritual Violence’ in March 2018. In the meantime, My Columbine delivers the first single from the album today with ‘Vigorish’.

Vigorish, a precursor to Ritual Violence

Vigorish is a term meaning an excessive rate of interest on a loan, typically one from an illegal moneylender. The song revolves around the concept of gambling addiction, the debt created by the excesses and finally the moneylender coming to collect.

“Vigorish is mostly a song about your personal demons catching up with you.” ~ Sven Borgstrom (bass guitar, My Columbine)

Sven tells us about the coming album as being rather the closing of a chapter than an opening; or serving as both, really, as band members set their goals on lofty heights for 2018 and beyond:

“We have been around a few years and have only released a couple of demos to date. With that in mind, some of the material on the album has been kicking around for ages and it needed to be recorded and released for posterity (and our own sanity) before we could focus on new things. But at the same time, there are a few songs that are pretty new and unreleased so far. Basically the album is a summary of where we’ve come from and where were going to musically. It needed to come out now or not at all, because we are pretty deep into a bunch of new songs that could only logically fit on a second album.” ~ Sven Borgstrom

Ritual Violence… the notion of doing wrong for the right reasons

We found ourselves intrigued by the selected title chosen for the upcoming Ritual Violence. My Columbine has done well during 2017 on the gig circuit. The band advanced to the finals for local extreme metals’ most sought after prize this year: Wacken Metal Battle, South Africa. Although putting on a compelling performance, My Columbine, along with seven other champions among the forty-eight original participants, were ultimately outgunned by Magalodon. Notwithstanding, the explanation given by Sven as to the album title, combined with the band’s rise, tells a compelling enough story about why people like My Columbine so much that it also received a nomination for Best Death Metal band in the 2017 SAMMA:

“Everyone has rituals they perform in one way or another and many serve to make life bearable/easier for people. We settled on Ritual Violence after kicking around a few options and it basically describes for us the mosh pit/live metal music experience; which could be described as ritualistic expression of ‘negative’ emotions/energy resulting in a cathartic release.” ~ Sven Borgstrom

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My Columbine 2017 press photo
My Columbine (left to right, top to bottom): Daniel Gerber (Lead Guitar), Gehart Kalmeier (Rhythm Guitar), Sven Borgstrom (Bass), Drikus Behrens (Vocals), Wimpie Du Toit (Drums)