Conduit: first single ‘Virga’ released

Conduit 2016 Virga

Cape Town, South Africa: the female-fronted progressive band Conduit has released it’s first ever single. ‘Virga’ represents a bold announcement to the presence and future plans of this well-established live act, and has delighted many fans to see Conduit’s commitment to expand their activity into the studio after three years of wow-ing the live entertainment circuit. ‘Virga’ was recorded, mixed and mastered at Fsharp Studios by Joe Theron and Marcus Hounsell.

“We have a deep connection to the studio as it has been a spiritual home of sorts. We’ve rehearsed there since our inception and it was a special experience to have them work on our first recordings.” ~ Natalie Lucia (vocals, Conduit)

We were told that this is only a beginning and Conduit have more material currently in the pipeline, with more songs to be released in the months ahead so as to culminate in a debut EP in the new year. Natalie attributes the band’s long awaited studio release to circumstances as having always been in a state of flux; but now the time is right to open this new chapter with ‘Virga’ as being an appropriate introduction.

“As a band, Conduit has been through really difficult times. We’ve all seen each other go through some difficult struggles. For some of us, these were the biggest struggles we’ve faced. This song is a war cry against the hardships that beset all of us. It reminds us that the fortitude to endure and thrive through adversity lies within us and we can draw on strength from those we call our family. In our case, that would be our band unit.” ~ Natalie Lucia

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