The Only Constant: music video for new song, Slaves

Durban, South Africa: herewith is delivered the latest single and music video from alternative/rap metal band The Only Constant. ‘Slaves’ arrived late last week, and we caught up with a band member to learn more about who The Only Constant is, and why those faces in the video all look so very familiar.

Slaves… to the Durban scene

Members of The Only Constant all have history in other bands. This, in our view, places an interesting spin on the chosen name for the current project. Three members have played in bands together before, most notably being deathcore band Beyond The Pale from 2007 to 2011. These are Robin Louw, Bruce Mcnabb and Rudi Greyvenstein. Seth Parkin on drums played for Contrast The Water and Carnage Carnival, among others, whilst Robin was also in Paige Of State.

“Metal has always been our roots; but on a personal level, there were plenty of other genres that I have always enjoyed. Most notably one of my biggest influences growing up was Linkin Park, and I had always envisioned starting some sort of project that would incorporate hard rock and rap.” ~ Robin Louw (vocals, The Only Constant)

The music video for ‘Slaves’ is but only a taste of what is yet to come. The Only Constant is presently hard at work on its first EP, which is titled Unbreakable. We have no release date as of yet, but will keep a close eye on developments.

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The Only Constant 2018 press photo, Slaves