Craving Sanity: ‘Wasted Tranquility’ EP out now

Craving Sanity 2017 Wasted Tranquility

Pretoria, South Africa: melodic metalcore band Craving Sanity has returned with a bang since taking hiatus in 2013. Returning to the live stage in 2016, the band has now recorded it’s debut EP Wasted Tranquility which released on 03 March 2017.

With roots tracing back to as early as 2007, the current release serves as an important milestone for the band as members come back together after their years apart.

“The songs that are included on ‘Wasted Tranquility’ are all old songs, written between six to eight years ago. It is a way for us to finally close that chapter of our music and to now start with new songs for the future.” ~ Cobè van Coller (vocals, Craving Sanity)

Cobè explains that the band split in 2013 owing to emerging personal differences. However, with members each continuing to grow as musicians in the interim, the chemistry was reignited in 2016 following preparations for a reunion gig. As it turned out, the members enjoyed it so much that the band was reformed and a commitment made to record, choosing Clinton Watts at Watts Productions to record, mix, and master Wasted Tranquility.

“The man is a perfectionist and we love that he gives his full attention even to the smallest of details, and his patience with us was amazing. We have never been pushed like this to record songs.” ~ Cobè van Coller

The resulting EP speaks for itself, containing six songs plus an ambient intro track, with a collective clock-in of just under twenty-five minutes. Cobè describes the lyrics and music as being intended to hold a positive meaning to the listener.

“Each song does have its own little story to tell. I usually like to write in such a manner that it ends up as a mirror, where you can look into it and see a part of yourself. But overall I love to keep the message positive in a way. Metal bands often have a tendency to have a lot of negativity connected to lyrics, but we like to keep it in a positive light.” ~ Cobè van Coller

Craving Sanity will be participating in the 2017 Wacken Metal Battle, with the band being included in the eighth heat at The Bohemian on 18 March.

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