Creating The Godform: Miasmic Forms premiers today

Creating The Godform 2017 Eve Of Hollow Mass, Miasmic Forms single release

Cape Town, South Africa: the most brutal local release for 2018 so far… is surely ‘Miasmic Forms’, the final single before beatdown band Creating The Godform delivers its debut full length album. The album, titled Eve Of Hollow Mass, will arrive on 25 January and follows the band’s 2016 Odium EP.

How Miasmic Forms fits into the greater whole

‘Miasmic Forms’ arrived this morning as a lyric video created by the celebrated animator Scott Rudd Film and aired via the Chugcore Promotions youtube channel.

“The album as a whole tells a story based of the work of the horror author HP Lovecraft. ‘Miasmic Forms’ is a sequel to our previously released single ‘Niggurath’. It definitely takes a darker approach, yet still maintains our signature sound.” ~ Sherlic White (guitar, Creating The Godform)

Creating The Godform is pulling out all of the stops in the following weeks, including to beef up its merch offerings. Visit the official Creating The Godform website for Eve Of Hollow Mass pre-orders, or Crowdkill Apparel for the latest merch; which includes a limited offer bundle deal.

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