Creating The Godform: EP release date announced

Creating The Godform 2016 Odium

Cape Town, South Africa: supergroup Creating The Godform appeared suddenly on the local scene in July with the release of their first single ‘Dead World’. This initial release has now been followed up by the announcement of a date for the launch of the band’s debut EP through Brutal-Gear and Barbaric Productions, titled Odium.

“We have been very hard at work recently and couldn’t be more excited to bring you this crushing record. It is undecided yet if we will be releasing a track from Odium within the next two months before the launch but we will be sharing a teaser to give a taste of whats to come” ~ Sherlic White (guitar, Creating The Godform)

Scheduled for launch on December 16, 2016, Odium will be available digitally and in hard-copy format locally and abroad. With Creating The Godform‘s strong visual identity unfolding, we asked Sherlic about the creator of the artworks for their July release of ‘Dead World’ and the coming Odium, Seth Greenwood:

“Seth, like myself, actually grew up in Zimbabwe before moving abroad; myself here to Cape Town four years ago and the same with him to Atlanta in the USA where he studied visual development and character animation.” ~ Sherlic White

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