Creating The Godform greet a Dead World

Creating The Godform 2016 Dead World

Cape Town, South Africa: a new beast has reared it’s head in the Mother City with Creating The Godform. Consisting of largely experienced live performers it could be speculated that this is Cape Town’s latest “supergroup” to hit the circuit, featuring Sherlic White (also of The Alpha Sequence) and Conrad Lottering (also of Subject To Slaughter) on guitar, Thariq Talida on bass (also of The Alpha Sequence, formerly of The Fallen Prophets), Dane Canterbury (also of Megalodon and Betray The Emissary) on drums with Dylan Hicks – the only relative unknown – on vocals.

“The band was started many years ago as an idea, although no material had been written and members only consisted of myself and Thariq. During this process, much deliberation was made as to which direction the band would follow, as we looked at the band not only as a means to break an untapped market so to speak, but also something that we as a band could enjoy playing. Over time we decided to make the project more solid so as to find members and thereafter decide on a genre which the local community has not yet seen. So came the idea of the music style known as Beatdown (down tempo) the name is self explanatory as the music provides slow but heavy grooves filled with hate.” ~ Sherlic White (guitarist / founding members, Creating The Godform)

The band released it’s first single on 13 July with the track ‘Dead World’. Sherlic describes the title as having come from a previous vocalist, Paul Rahilly (The Impalement Theory), but with the current vocalist creating the lyrical content.

“Themes surrounding this track consist of the greed of man and the destruction of our world. The personal view of the band ties into our lyrical themes; we see the world as a hateful place and that humanity deserves to die out. We try to capture our anger in the songs and we feel that the tempo of the tracks combined with how hard the breakdowns hit helps to capture the aggression.” ~ Sherlic White

This first release by Creating The Godform includes guest vocals by Duncan Bentley of Vulvodynia and Vomit Cake, and Sherlic credits a lot of input from members of those bands as peers and inspiration. Artwork for the single was created by Seth Greenwood, and production is credited to Matt Mader (ex-Vulvodynia).

“Matt has blown us away with his intense dedication to making this track sound as beast as possible. Throughout the recording process his role in this track has been essential in giving us an outsider’s perspective on the track and also giving pointers as to how to better the track as a whole. He will be working closely with us on our future material, so expect ballzy tracks” ~ Sherlic White

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