Creating The Godform: signed to Dissentient Records

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Providence, USA: representing a facet of South Africa’s brutal music scene, Cape Town-based Creating The Godform have been signed to a deal by Dissentient Records.

“This is more about stepping up to bigger things. Odium has been a success, gaining a few thousand views and reaching the eyes and ears of more people globally. We will be gigging as a band this year to bring the experience of what we are about to the live stage.” ~ Sherlic White (guitar, Creating The Godform)

This signing follows close on the heels of Creating The Godform‘s debut EP Odium, which was released on 18 December, 2016 via Barbaric Productions. The deal with Dissentient Records focuses on a full length album which can be expected towards the end of 2017. Although the band has not graced any stage, it consists of well-experienced members believed to be fully capable of an electrifying performance.

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