Crow Black Sky: Sidereal Light – Volume One

Crow Black Sky 2018 Sidereal Light - Volume One

Cape Town, South Africa: Crow Black Sky returns to us after half a decade of silence. In splendidly rapid succession, the band announced a new album on 16 January. Sidereal Light – Volume One arrived the following day. This is the first we’ve heard from Crow Black Sky since 2013 following the release of its acclaimed ‘Stars Of God’ music video; a monument to the band’s 2010 debut album Pantheion.

“We went into unintentional hiatus due to many factors. The album that I just accidentally announced – which we’ve been working on for the last few years – is a far more complex project than we originally anticipated. The core of the band had no internal issues, but progress was hampered due to some rather boring personal issues in our lives.” ~ Gideon Lamprecht (guitars/composer/backing vocals, Crow Black Sky)

Sidereal Light – Volume One: new vistas revealed, but the same path journeyed

A lot can change in even shorter time. Listening to Sidereal Light – Volume One is not a complete departure form the thematic essence of Crow Black Sky‘s founding principles. However, the album definitely trails in a slightly different aural direction.

“It’s been eight years since Pantheion’s initial release, and we have matured in many ways. We love honest and powerful music, and we share an obsession with the cosmos, time, and the nature of existence. We love picking the most inappropriate times to enter into lengthy existential conversations, and the dismay of any unfortunate bystanders only makes it more enjoyable for us. Regarding the writing, I do feel like I have more creative freedom now than ever before; having less people in the band has simplified things in a good way.” ~ Gideon Lamprecht

Consisting of three founding members (Gideon himself as multi-instrumentalist, Ryan Higgo on vocals and bass, and Lawrence Jaeger on drums), the band continues it’s creative journey much as it began. Peripheral members have come and gone at times, with writing and recording remaining largely in Gideon’s own hands.

Creative processes: a focused and localized effort

Gideon elaborated a little on the processes which delivered this latest work.

“The three of us are all on the same wavelength. I wrote the music for ‘Pantheion’, and the same goes for ‘Sidereal Light – Volume One’. I bounce every musical idea off Ryan daily; he listens to far more music than I do, and his creative input is highly impactful and valued”. ~ Gideon Lamprecht

Gideon also describes shared lyrical input between himself and Ryan. Recording and audio production remains his own burden for the most part, save from a little assistance from an experienced friend.

“It was all written, recorded, produced and mastered at home, with a very humble but permanent and comfortable setup. One of our close personal friends provided some assistance with fixing some mistakes. We do everything by ear; none of us have any technical background, but fortunately it’s easy enough to completely drown the mix in reverbs that last longer than it takes us to release stuff. In all seriousness, many years have passed and I’ve gained recording and production experience through trial and error”. ~ Gideon Lamprecht

The band also extends a thanks to Cape Town artist Angelica Lüthi for the artwork and design on Sidereal Light – Volume One. Fans may download the new album via the Crow Black Sky website, or via Bandcamp for a voluntary price (even free). Others who might like to support the band in future creations may do so via Patreon or Paypal donations. After all, there is still another album talked about which needs yet to see the light of day.

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