Dead Man Risen: introduced with self-titled single

Dead Man Risen

Port Elizabeth, South Africa: this city currently seems to be going through something of a reawakening in it’s movement of heavy music in recent times. Not only are we seeing good activity, but lately we’re seeing activity from bands whose work is rippling out beyond mere city boundaries.

With our finger to the Metal pulse, we’ve begun to see some other tasty projects floating to the surface, such as the Melodic Death Dead Man Risen – a solo project with high aspirations – which released it’s first single from an upcoming debut album this week. Comprised at this time entirely of Shaun Mitchell (formerly from Dreams Of Nightmares in Bloemfontien), we asked him about what appears to us as an underlying theme.

“Dead Man Risen can never be killed. Keeps on rising from the grave, keeps on fighting. I’m a big fan of horror and fantasy. An escape from reality. That’s what music should be about. A place to escape to. A lot of horror and fantasy elements to my lyrics.” ~ Shaun Mitchell (Dead Man Risen)

A statement which makes one wonder about the man’s own origins and life experiences which drive the creative machine. Dead Man Risen‘s first single ‘D.M.R’ is something of a title track to herald the imminent arrival of an album titled Vampyre in 2017, and visits the theme in intimacy as a soldier – repeatedly killed – repeatedly rises.

Whilst no release date is on the table as of yet, Dead Man Risen promises a collection of ten songs later in 2017 which will be a mixed bag of tricks encompassing Melodic Death and even Industrial components among other influences. We watch with enthusiasm as the plot thickens.

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