Dead Man Risen: ‘Vampyre’ album out

Dead Man Risen 2017 Vampyre

Port Elizabeth, South Africa: solo project Dead Man Risen has released its debut album with Vampyre. Our first encounter with the band was as recently as June when a tasty single first appeared with the self-titled track, ‘Dead Man Risen’.

“I’m happy to have reached this milestone in my musical life. I’ve been messing around with the process of recording songs since I was a student back in 2006. Music is not only just a hobby, it’s definitely a passion. I’ve been in many bands, with one amazing band being Dreams of Nightmares. They taught me so much and really encouraged me to pursue my solo project.” ~ Shaun Mitchell (Dead Man Risen)

Vampyre album available now

The self-recorded Vampyre album is out now on bandcamp. Shaun shared a little with us about his writing process, musically and lyrically; also conceding that he’s not operating entirely alone.

“The process of writing and composing as well as recording a song usually happens within a night or two. The writing of the lyrics is what usually takes the longest, as I never really know what to write about. That’s where my lovely wife helped me a lot. She wrote lyrics for some of the songs like ‘Embrace The Abyss’, ‘Vampyre’, and ‘Infinity’.” ~ Shaun Mitchell

Shaun claims to already have written in part his second album already. He thanks all of his fans for positive remarks and crit alike, crediting such as his motivation to continue, and also to learn and improve. It would appear that Dead Man Risen is only just getting started.

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