Dead Man Risen:

Port Elizabeth, South Africa: this coastal city’s most illustrious one-man melodeth project, Dead Man Risen, is promising yet another album; the third in a series begun in 2017. What’s more is that we need only wait one more month, since Senseless Hollow will launch on 4 December.

To Regain The Ocean

Shaun Mitchell, the living man behind the “dead man”, offers us a song today. ‘To Regain The Ocean’ hints towards a continuation of the theme set in Shaun’s previous album, Petrichor. However, he assures us that Senseless Hollow will take a different turn.

“The song is about taking back the ocean, our ancient place of birth. It’s only this one song that kinda carries on the theme of fucking the world up.” ~ Shaun Mitchell (vocals/all instruments, Dead Man Risen)

Senseless Hollow

We quizzed Shaun about the shift in lyrical content; to learn what it is that he’ll portray through music for this chapter. He describes a much more introspective lyrical journey spread throughout the eight tracks:

“The rest of the album is just random fantasy stuff like battling demonic entities; finding yourself in a dystopian land; getting lost in the plains of silence. Deep stuff. If I think about it, not very fantasy-like. More of self searching. One track is called ‘Senseless Hollow’, which is about losing oneself and becoming empty inside.” ~ Shaun Mitchell

MMD Records, a recently established entity with a strong focus on local content, will release Senseless Hollow.