Deadline: Artwork reveal for upcoming album

Deadline 2017 Black Wolf City

Pretoria, South Africa: old school Heavy Metal band and SAMMA 2017 winner Deadline reveals the artwork for it’s forthcoming debut album. Deadline was awarded for Best Metal Newcomer earlier this month, having only hit the live scene within the last two years. Nonetheless, the band wows fans wherever it plays and it’s debut album is highly anticipated.

Black Wolf City

The album, titled Black Wolf City, follows a certain theme dreamed up by vocalist ‘Jessy Switchblade’, and was rendered into a visual interpretation by Donovan Sloan Art. The band grew an attachment to Donovan after his delivery of a very pleasing initial design for the band:

“And deliver he did! Donovan did such an awesome design for our new shirts that we would have been foolish not to have used him again.” ~ Jessy Switchblade (vocals, Deadline)

We also asked Jessy to elaborate a little on his conjured theme for the artwork, which absolutely evokes ideas of a somewhat gritty inner-city romanticism and feeds into other aspects of the band’s creativity.

“It’s a graphic novel which I hope will one day see the light of day, based on an industrial metal outfit called Cocaine Zombie Sex Hex that own a club called El Diablo in a fictitious town called San Lombardo. Its loosely modelled on the Pretoria CBD and surrounding areas. The actual novel is very dark, very 90’s, and very industrial. Think ‘Sin City’ meets ‘The Crow’. The band itself gets a lot of its content from this, including from our stage names through to our mascot being ‘Lady Blitzkrieg’. She also features on this cover, returning to the city with her machete and wolves to extract revenge on the band. The artist interpreted it perfectly. We were going for a noire vibe with a few scattered blues and reds to emphasise signs, blood, lights etc…we are 100% happy with how it panned out! There is a fair amount of mystery pinned to this cover and I quite like that! Hard for an old school metal band to avoid the cheese, but I think we did just that!” ~ Jessy Switchblade

Deadline on Tour

Deadline has targeted October as the month of release for Black Wolf City. With show dates booked for a launch at Railways Cafe in Centurion (14 October), and two dates confirmed in Cape Town (27 and 28 October) with others taking shape in other areas close to that time, the pressure is on. The band seems unperturbed, stating that the album itself may even release publicly before the launch show dates if all continues as well as it has been. M4A will be bringing updates as the plot unfolds.

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Deadline 2017 live by C Duvenage
Deadline: image courtesy of Christelle Duvenage Photography