Deadline: Bloodbeast video out now

Pretoria, South Africa: scooping two trophies at the latest South African Metal Music Awards, Deadline wastes not a moment to prove its worthiness. Today, Deadline offers you it’s first music video with the song ‘Bloodbeast’, from it’s SAMMA nominated debut album, Black Wolf City.

Bloodbeast Unleashed

The video portrays girl power at it’s supernatural best in this horror-esque take on a private party going severely awry.

“This was one of the first tracks we wrote. I had written a poem about a goth girl who returned to her home town to kill all the girls that bullied her in high school, and Raven had written a song that needed words. I brought the poem to his house, and an hour or two later we had us the ‘Bloodbeast’; a song about revenge and retribution.” ~ Jesse Switchblade (vocals, Deadline)

Jesse describes the filming as a largely improvised and fun experience, making changes to the plot on the fly. It was a DIY project under the directorship of Marius “Spielberg” Els and other friends of the band; incidentally, returning to the venue where Deadline performed its very first show (and according to the fictional storyline, its last!!).

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Deadline 2017 band photograph, Bloodbeast