Deadline: High Tops & Bullet Belts, new single

High Tops & Bullet Belts

Deadline 2019 High Tops & Bullet Belts

Pretoria, South Africa: heavy metal protagonist Deadline ignites our senses with a new single, ‘High Tops & Bullet Belts’. The multiple SAMMA winner also used this opportunity to announce the coming of its second album and the title: Cathedral Point.

“It follows up on the ‘Black Wolf City’ saga. Lady Blitzkrieg has now returned to the city and chases Deadline down to Cathedral Point which is at the center of San Lombardo. An old park with an old abandoned cathedral at its centre. This follows up on the revenge theme from album one.” ~ Jesse Switchblade (vocals, Deadline)

Jesse elaborated on the fictional theme in a previous conversation with metal4africa. Musically speaking, Cathedral Point is expected to deliver more speed and heaviness, and overall more Metal than the 2017 debut.

“We have a better idea of what we wanna sound like as opposed to two years ago.” ~ Jesse Switchblade

Cathedral Point will arrive in the fourth quarter of 2019.

High Tops & Bullet Belts

‘High Tops & Bullet Belts’ was recorded by Mike Wright at Gloryvale Studios in Edenvale. Mixing and mastering returned to Heinrich Köllner at Burning Tone Studios in Cape Town where the same was done for Deadline‘s 2017 debut album, Black Wolf City. Another continuation from previous partnerships includes the latest artwork by Donovan Sloan Art.

“This is our most ambitious recorded tune to date and it a real tribute to the 80’s, not only 80’s heavy metal but also a tribute to the latest 80’s synthwave music movement taking the world by storm!” ~ Jesse Switchblade

Find ‘High Tops & Bullet Belts’ on all major platforms as well as on Bandcamp for purchase/download.

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