Deadline: ‘Hostage Demonica’ single out today

Deadline 2017 Hostage Demonica

Pretoria, South Africa: old school Heavy Metal band and SAMMA 2017 winner Deadline reveals the first single off its upcoming debut album with ‘Hostage Demonica’.

The full album, Black Wolf City, will be available in the coming weeks with the band hitting the road to promote it across South Africa’s major urban centers.

Hostage Demonica, an impassioned sense of irony

‘Hostage Demonica’ paints a vivid image in the mind. The lyrics tell a story which comes across as rather phantasmal, until a twist to the tale emerges; challenging the listener’s mind to separate fiction from what could, in actual fact, be a direct analogy to matters of real life.

“This one is about a demon possessing his victim; tormenting the victim and then leaving the victim willingly despite the victim bringing in help from a demon hunter. Only for the listener to hear in the end that the victim actually chose possession due to his weak and ravaged mind, and the demon was actually his hostage and not vice versa”. ~ Jessy Switchblade (vocals, Deadline)

Deadline chose ‘Hostage Demonica’ to be the first representative of Black Wolf City owing to its unique chronological status.

“You know it really boiled down to the fact that it was the last song we wrote for the album and the last song we debuted live. Due to the fact that we have been gigging extensively since the end of 2015, the fans have heard all our tracks on numerous occasions; but they have hardly heard this one. So after much debate, we decided on releasing ‘Hostage Demonica’ over, say, ‘Break The Silence’ or ‘White Death’ that have been out for what feels like aeons already”. ~ Jessy Switchblade

Black Wolf City releases officially with the first live launch show on 14 October. The album will be available digitally via major platforms, as well as a limited edition physical pressing. The band will offer 100 CDs, hand numbered and signed by the members of Deadline. Other national launch shows will include dates in Gauteng, KwaZulu-Natal, and also the Western Cape. Ready yourselves!

Black Wolf City, Tour Dates

14 October 2017 @ Railways Cafe, Centurion

21 October 2017 @ The Winston Pub, Durban

27 October 2017 @ ROAR Live, Observatory, Cape Town

28 October 2017 @ The Rabbit Hole, Durbanville, Cape Town

18 November 2017 @ Sundowners, Alberton, Johannesburg

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Deadline 2017 Black Wolf City