DeamHorth: Dementia music video and more to come

DeamHorth 2018 press photo
Left to right: Dean Barreto (Guitars), Russel Brown (Manager), Greg Coles (Drums)

Johannesburg, South Africa: if instrumental wizardry is your choice in poison, then it’s time to open the DeamHorth vial. This Metal two-piece only sprang onto our radar in recent weeks, in spite of a superb EP released late last year. Today delivers a live video filmed at a recent show; featuring the song ‘Dementia’ from DeamHorth‘s Serenity Sanctum EP.

Dementia: crowd pleaser from previous release to herald in the new

That’s right! DeamHorth is dropping this breadcrumb as a prelude to a greater new work in progress. Later this year, DeamHorth will release a full-length album. For now, we took an opportunity to get to know the band just a little bit better.

“Basically the idea behind the band is that we are a two-piece progressive instrumental group that intends to stay more online than live, and collaborate with artists all over the world. Now this means we eventually do want to feature vocals, guitar solos, and even drum solos added, but we definitely still want to keep it more instrumental!” ~ Dean Barreto (guitars, DeamHorth)

We look forward to hearing more material by this promising band in the weeks and months to follow in the lead-up to it’s debut full release. Watch this space!

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