DeamHorth: Masterkey To The World, prelude to album

DeamHorth 2018 Masterkey To The World

Johannesburg, South Africa: instrumental Metal band DeamHorth broke silence last year with a blistering EP titled Serenity Sanctum. Today, the band unleashes ‘Masterkey To The World’; the first single from DeamHorth‘s forthcoming full-length album, Spiritual Serpent.

Who holds the Masterkey To The World?

DeamHorth believes that it does! Having made a powerful impression with not only it’s debut EP, but also live performance even in spite of a minimalist band of only two live players, DeamHorth introduces a further refined sound and style with ‘Masterkey To The World’.

“We have broadened our approach in styles to adapt a unique DeamHorth sound, and have managed to find the balance of spiritual, mechanical and emotional content.” ~ Dean Barreto (Songwriting/Guitars/Recording, DeamHorth)

Dean explains that today’s release encapsulates the best of these elements, and listeners can look forward to oodles of it within the coming album. Whilst no release date for the full work is apparent just yet, a few credentials are thus revealed. Spiritual Serpent is being recording at Audio Nebula under curatorship of producer, Byron Muller, and artwork created by Blue Benington.

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DeamHorth 2018 press photo
Left to right: Dean Barreto (Guitars), Russel Brown (Manager), Greg Coles (Drums)