DeamHorth: Spiritual Serpent out now

DeamHorth 2018 Spiritual Serpent

Johannesburg, South Africa: this city’s latest instrumental whizkid outfit, DeamHorth, has launched its Spiritual Serpent album to the public space this past weekend. Of course, we were in the privileged position to get an early-bird listen; though you can now have a go via a variety of platforms, or buy a hard copy.

Spiritual Serpent on Tour

Spiritual Serpent is DeamHorth‘s first full-length album and follows on the heels of an EP released last year with Serenity Sanctum. Whilst the band has indeed performed live, the stage has not been its focus until now. However, DeamHorth wishes to bring Spiritual Serpent to new listeners, and what better way than to do so in person?

Apart from the live album launch which already took place on 7 July, the band will appear at the following dates:

13 July @ Sundowners, Alberton for Revolution Fest (with: Riddlebreak and Red Helen)
09 August @ Rumours Rock City, Cresta for Brochella: Bangers & Mosh (with Ohgod, Red Helen, Only Forever & more…)

Cape Town
04 August @ Mercury Live for Ohgod and Friends (with Ohgod and Black Moscow)

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