Ded End: ‘Age of Fear -live demo tracks’ out now

Cape Town, South Africa: following hot on the heels of the first single by local hardcore band Ded End eight days ago, the crushing quartet has released it’s debut EP today. Age of Fear -live demo tracks includes six hard-hitting tracks about a variety of unsettling topics.

“Lyrically we are pretty political and we also touch on war; from personal experience. One of our members is an Afghanistan war veteran, which comes out in the lyrics a bit. We also sing about the working class struggles as well as the back stabbing ‘clique’ of our city.” ~ Guthrie Garnham (guitar, Ded End)

Age of Fear -live demo tracks was tracked by Nicolai Roos at Kill City Blues in Cape Town and mastered by The Doom Tomb in Gauteng. The album artwork was by Ded End‘s own bassist, Clinton Hattingh.

The release has been made available for free download (or voluntary purchase) at the band’s Bandcamp page, or via Soundcloud.

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Ded End 2016, photo by Iggy
Ded End live in 2016, photo by Iggy