Ded End: bring the ruckus with video and EP

Cape Town, South Africa: the relatively new hardcore-punk hybrid band Ded End is rapidly on it’s way to a debut release, and have just put out a video and artwork to prove it.

Ded End, formed in August of 2015, made an explosive entrance to the live circuit supporting Sweden’s God Mother on tour in Cape Town in March 2016 and has made it’s presence felt ever since. Embracing the DIY aesthetic of the sub-culture, the EP will be titled Age of Fear -live demo tracks and sports an artwork created by bass player, Clinton Hattingh. Quick on the trigger and sharp of wit, Ded End have embraced the opportunity provided by the recent SONA 2017 fiasco.

“The video song title is ‘Honourable Speaker’, which is about parliament. The video is the fight scenes from the recent state of the nation address. It is completely DIY- we put it together ourselves along with live footage from practice.” ~ Guthrie Garnham (guitar, Ded End)

The full release can be expected within the next two weeks, but Ded End have provided us with a track listing and the video to whet hardcore appetites:

Track listing

‘Honourable Speaker’
‘Age Of Fear’
‘Death Platoon’
‘Friends With(out) Benefits’
‘Dragons Hate’

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