Deity’s Muse: 2017 European Tour announced

Euroblast Festical 2017 announcements

Johannesburg, South Africa: “progressive” has developed into something of a keyword in the realm of music and live entertainment since the turn of the decade and keeps gaining momentum. One local band which has long been identified with this word, and not necessarily as a deliberate direction, is Deity’s Muse. We are very excited to see that last week the band was announced as included to the line-up for this year’s Euroblast 2017, which will be the 13th installation of one of the world’s most important ‘prog’ gatherings.

“We’re still in shock and this is most definitely a huge milestone for us. Though we’re elated beyond words that we’ve been included in this year’s Euroblast Festival, we feel that this is the best scenario stepping stone to get our name into the European touring market. We have goals that stretch beyond our borders here in South Africa and I think that this is simply a natural progression for us. That being said, my inner fan boy is screeching like a schoolgirl right now.” ~ Wayne Boucher (guitar/vocals, Deity’s Muse)

Of course, Wayne speaks with both confidence and modesty; the latter being unnecessary for a band which has been around for sixteen years and accumulated the track record which Deity’s Muse has. With no less than four studio albums released – the latest of which arrived a year ago in the shape of ConvergenceDeity’s Muse have also appeared at just about every major South African festival and engaged multiple national tours; sometimes even as support for international visitors such as Dead Letter Circus and Karnivool. With the coming European concert, Deity’s Muse will be appearing on the same line-up as the likes of legendary Devin Townsend with his latest Devin Townsend Project and a slew of rising stars and established acts in the prog-rock and metal scenes.

Deitys Muse

With this foothold, Deity’s Muse will be filling up a tour roster (dates to follow at a later time) to make good of the opportunity in Europe. The band has high aspirations for a future beyond the borders of South Africa and with such a strong history, there is no doubt that they’re far from finished with their musical journey. In some ways, it has only gotten started since hauling beyond the ten-year milestone in 2011.

“Up until the last six years of Deity’s Muse there’s never really been a master plan. I think we were simply just going with the flow. At some point we decided to take this passion for music to the next level. When you share stages with bands like Dead Letter Circus and Karnivool one thing that is very apparent is that they’re all the same age as us and they’re cracking the global scene, which gives us a lot of hope that we too – with way more focus and drive – could become a regular on the international touring circuit. This ‘living the rock ‘n roll dream’ thing isn’t just reserved for the 19 and 20 year old musicians out there. It takes ten years to become an overnight sensation. During the early stages of the pre-production phase of our latest album ‘Convergence’, we had to swallow some bitter pills. Truth bombs as such about our performance abilities. Our producer, Clint Vincent really helped whip us into shape. Our work ethic, musicianship and dedication to our craft has improved tenfold and I think the results of this rebirth are starting to show dividends.” ~ Wayne Boucher

Deity’s Muse are not the only band from South Africa to be heading to Europe in 2017. Recently, others who have been extending to an international reach include Slam Metal titans Vulvodynia, ambient black metal inspired Wildernessking, and the melodic death metal band Thread Of Omen.

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