Deity’s Muse release fourth album: Convergence

Deity's Muse 2016 Convergence album art

Johannesburg, South Africa: Gauteng Prog stalwarts, Deity’s Muse, known for blending their lighter sound with metallic and progressive elements, have just released their fourth album titled Convergence. With Convergence now available the band have also released a second single, ‘Both Sides’, to follow ‘Satellites’ which the band toured in October 2015 (see previous article). The choice of using ‘Both Sides’ as the current single ties back to Deity’s Muse supporting Australia’s Dead Letter Circus whilst touring in South Africa.

“‘Both Sides’ is one of the oldest Deity’s Muse songs on Convergence. It took on a life of its own after we fleshed out a new arrangement for it in pre-production with Vinnie (Clint Vincent, Dead Letter Circus). The following night we played it live for the first time at Mercury Live in Cape Town, opening for Dead Letter Circus. It turned into this dynamic song with many layers. It’s got some heavier-sounding guitar tones in comparison to ‘Satellites’. It’s got meatiness, huge melodies, and I think a really good ‘push and pull’ vibe.” ~ Wayne Boucher (guitar/vocals, Deity’s Muse)

Wayne describes how, even with having taken more than two years to create Convergence, he and his band mates still appreciate how fresh the songs sound to them and are excited for their next tour to promote it’s release (details coming soon).

Convergence was recorded between drums and vocals being tracked by Ashley Lane at Loudmouth Studios, and guitars and bass by band members at home. Additional guitars and programming was recorded at Vin James Music in Australia by none other than the aforementioned Clint Vincent (Dead Letter Circus) who is also credited as mixing engineer and producer for the album, and final mastering by Ashley Mark Lane.

The captivating album cover artwork was created by local artist, Chris Valentine, also known for his delivery of The Drift‘s Dreams Of Deluge album art.

The full Convergence album is available now for digital purchase via iTunes, or digital and the physical CD option available via Bandcamp. Physical copies of the album will also be available at any of the upcoming shows on the Convergence Tour, for which dates can be found at the band’s facebook page as they become known.

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