Demons From The Dungeon Dimension: As The Crow Flies debut out now

Demons From The Dungeon Dimension

KwaZulu Natal, South Africa: Echoing midst endless hills in the unlikely landscape of rural South Africa are the sounds of Demons From The Dungeon Dimension. Joining the sparse ranks of local doom/sludge bands, this new addition introduces itself with the release of a debut album titled As The Crow Flies, clocking in at just over thirty-four minutes and featuring five engaging tracks.

The band, shrouded in delightful secrecy, has been revealed as a one-man project originally set about to follow along the traditional black metal veins when the most surprising results set the project into a new course. The album presents a distinctly organic and ‘live’ atmosphere, which is all the more surprising to have been accomplished by a single writer and performer. As The Crow Flies can be purchased or streamed via the Demons From The Dungeon Dimension bandcamp page.

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