DevilSpeak: Spreading Local Aid to Africa

DevilSpeak live, Keets Design & Photography
Image by: Keets Design & Photography

Stellenbosch, South Africa: Cape Town city’s extreme metal bands are coming to together in a show of good faith to local charity by participating in the inter-continental Local Aid series of events. Spearheaded locally by DevilSpeak, a brutal line-up has assembled to participate in the South African leg of Local Aid at Aandklas in Stellenbosch on 08 October 2016. Attendees are invited to pay a minimum cover charge, but more if they wish to the support the selected charity, and to also bring appropriate donations in the form of food, blankets, and other useful items to the organization.

The concept is driven globally by UK-based Live In The Living Room Ltd and aims to have local bands supporting a local charity in every corner of the globe at the same time of year in October. 2016 will be the first time South Africa participates since the concept kicked off in 2012. We sought out the source of the local initiative to find out why now, and why metal?

Local Aid is still a pretty new concept and this year there are six Local Aid shows happening in three different continents, including ours in South Africa. Phill Thorne, a radio DJ in the UK who has played us on his shows, asked us in late 2015 if we’d be keen on putting on a Local Aid show in South Africa in 2016.” ~ Derrick Leppan (bass guitar, DevilSpeak)

Derrick explained that with the show being hosted in Stellenbosch, the band and organizers deemed it appropriate to seek out a Stellenbosch-based charity to support. After having contacted some fans living in the area, it seemed that the The Animal Welfare Society Stellenbosch was a unanimous first-pick.

On the matter of the line-up, DevilSpeak are pretty hard hitters on the extremo-o-meter. We asked about the rest of the bands also playing.

“Both bands joining us are great live bands and good friends to boot. We’ve wanted to have more shows with Nebula Disrupt too, so we were real happy we got them for this one. Subject To Slaughter always bring it properly live, and we enjoy watching them perform. Both bands all have some pedigree too, with Nebula Disrupt having played Witchfest 2015 and Subject To Slaughter recently having made it into the Wacken Metal Battle South Africa finals. It should make for a good night of energetic Metal entertainment supporting a good cause.” ~ Derrick Leppan

DevilSpeak also released a live video of their ‘Beyond The See’ track filmed last year at WinterFest’15. Today marks one year exactly since the date of performance. Work continues behind the scenes on a debut formal release by the band, although no dates or other particulars have been let slip as yet.

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