DevilSpeak: ‘Unearth Hell’ new single out now

Cape Town, South Africa: without even a full album or an EP out as of yet, DevilSpeak has carved a place for itself in the South African metal scene. The band won a SAMMA for ‘Best Metal Newcomer’ in 2016. In 2017, DevilSpeak promptly upped the ante by claiming the award for ‘Best Thrash Metal’.

Today, DevilSpeak releases it’s second single with ‘Unearth Hell’, complete with a fabulous artwork by Writhe Creations.

Unearth Hell single unearths EP arrival soon

‘Unearth Hell’ is the second song from a three-song EP, titled See Evil Hear Evil Speak Evil. The full package will be out before the end of the year, although fans have been long in the waiting. The first single, ‘Violently Leading The Blind’, appeared as far back as 2015. We asked the band about this time lapse:

“We originally released ‘Violently Leading The Blind’ on 1 Sep 2015, so this new release is two years and eleven days after that. We recorded the bulk of the EP in September 2016, so it’s taken a year to get to this point too; a lot of time, a lot of tears, a lot of sweat… but ultimately we’re very proud of what we have done here. We’re even more proud of the fact that we have done everything for this release locally with other South Africans. This is important to us; to show the SA scene as well as the world that we can be world class here, and have everything done ‘at home'”. ~ Derrick Leppan (bass guitar/backing vocals, DevilSpeak)

Derrick also explained that the choice of this song for the next single was based on a number of factors. It is a little unique for the band from a songwriting perspective. ‘Unearth Hell’, as with the rest of the EP, was recorded and produced by Jethro Harris at Milestone Studios, and mastering was done by Kelsey Mastering.

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DevilSpeak 2017 Unearth Hell single artwork by Writhe Creations