Die Dood: Album art and track listing for coming release

Die Dood Offerwaters 2015

At M4A, we’re always interested in all things metal and including that which skirts along its undefined edges. In some cases, the depth of expression sought by the artists requires of them to strip away the more obvious layers of distorted guitars, double-bass drums and raspy vocals, leaving behind something which many would no longer regard as metal at all! But these things are all a matter of perspective and our duty at this website is reveal what is available, rather leaving our readers to make of it what they will.

Die Dood, who describe themselves as atmospheric black metal meditation music, announced two weeks ago (see here) that a new album would be released upon the next full moon. With that date, being on 04 April rapidly approaching, album art and a sampler have become available along with the track listing:

1. Offerwaters (Inleiding)
2. Die Sanger Op Die Oewer
3. Ritualis
4. A Cappella (Sielens Sang) Ulver Cover
5. Daar Is Geeste In Die Water
6. Skoppensboer
7. Bloed En Are Van Die Aarde
8. Soos Die Dood My Vat.

The album title of Offerwaters translates from the South African language of Afrikaans into “Sacrificial Waters”. All of the song titles and words are also in Afrikaans, with the exception of track number four which is a cover version from Norway’s Ulver.