Die Dood celebrates new moon with new release

Die Dood box set 2016 cover

Today, on the first new moon of 2016, Afrikaans atmospheric band Die Dood offer a first release for the year. In the continued spirit of rare and collectibles, the current release is a box set of three disks, each in it’s own slip case, featuring two demos and a single.

Dreunsang: Een is a two track chant-style demo performed only with voice, and with both tracks offered as remakes of legendary black metal bands Bathory and Blut Aus Nord. Verdrag features another two-track demo, yet takes a different approach with both tracks performed in a more gutteral style of vocals and ceremonial chiming. The final piece in the box set, Bloed En Are van Die Aarde (Spesiale Instrumentale Weergawe), is an instrumental rendering of the popular track from Die Dood‘s second album Offerwaters (see previous articles here and here).

Released internationally via a Russian label, orders can be placed via [email protected]