Die Dood: Kultus album release with full moon

Die Dood: Kultus album art

South Africa’s Afrikaans-language-lyric Die Dood subtly thunders forward with a third album since first appearing in 2014, by releasing a new album Kultus [Omringende Atmosferiese Ritueel Geraas] today. As per tradition, the release is timed with a significant natural phenomenon; marked today by the full moon.

Kultus (English translation: Cult) features eighty minutes of instrumental “Ambient Atmospheric Ritual Noise” performed on various traditional instruments such as copper bowls and bells as well as keyboard, and released on a limited run of only 100 hardcopies. It follows the band’s two already released albums since appearing in mid-August of 2014 which include Sieleherder (Shepard Of Souls – previous article here) and Offerwaters (Sacrificial Waters – previous article here).