Disarmageddon: ‘Contagion’ demo preview out now

Disarmageddon 2017 Contagen demo

Johannesburg, South Africa: thrash metal has been enjoying something of a come-back on the national circuit in the last ten years; gradually at first, then coming to head within the last half decade or so with bands like Cape Town’s Infanteria representing South Africa at the international Wacken Metal Battle of 2013, and bands like Wargrave and Infiltrate Neutralize Govern (aka: ING) also releasing killer thrash albums from that city. The mischief has since also taken firm root in Gauteng and Disarmageddon, an 80s-inspired thrash metal band formed only last year, is poised to released a demo collection to lend it’s own strength to the movement.

Today, Disarmageddon has released the title track from it’s demo EP Contagion to stir the broth in anticipation of tomorrow’s Wacken Metal Battle in which the band is competing (link to facebook event page). The band will be releasing the full EP in hard copy at the event before unleashing the digital album some time next week.

“This is the first available recorded material Disarmageddon has to offer. We have only been gigging for around seven months, so we decided to track some of the songs we have to spread our metal to those that haven’t seen us live.” ~ Matthew Jordaan (guitar, Disarmageddon)

Track listing:

1. ‘M.I.A’
2. ‘Contagion’
3. ‘Kill Order’
4. ‘Zero Hour’
5. ‘Nation Under Siege’
6. ‘Hiroshima’

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