Discover Wildernessking’s “Devil Within”


Cape Town’s Wildernessking remain one of the hardest working bands on the local scene and their unnatural silence since the release of …And the Night Swept Us Away started to leave me a little worried. The few shows I caught them at showed that the band was far from hibernating and today they release the first fruit of their labours, a new EP titled The Devil Within!

“The intention behind this release was to write conventionally structured songs that touched a little on our old material we did as Heathens,” says Wildernessking frontman, Keenan Oakes, “We set out to have fun like we always do, resulting in a very metal and somewhat evil, melodic little EP.”

Those who have been with Wildernessking from the beginning will probably be excited to see how the four-piece approaches the more stripped down, “black ‘n roll” sound that was Heathens, but rest assured that this is not a departure from the band’s atmospheric soundscapes.

wildernessking-the-devil-withinThose who crave the sound that the band is well known for will be happy to know that Wildernessking will be releasing a song called “Kings” as part of the Elemental Nightmares vinyl project in the form of a split with Oak Pantheon in months to come. They have also announced another split with French Lovecraftian black metallers The Great Old Ones as well as a second full length album later this year!

See what I mean when I said they are hard working?

The Devil Within is available in CD format (released independently by the band in their signature DIY fashion) and a vinyl run of only 100 hand numbered copies will be released through local Cape Town label, Roastin’ Records in March.

Wildernessking will be co-headlining’s Summerfest’14 at the end of January, along with Sindulgence and many more!

Listen to “The Devil Within” below and tell us what you think in the comments.