Displeased Disfigurement: Extermination Process re-release

Displeased Disfigurement 2018 Extermination Process

Middelburg, South Africa: Displeased Disfigurement has been throttling eardrums since 2001. Whilst on the back-burner for many of the years as some members established the co-brutal Bleeding Spawn, Displeased Disfigurement churned out it’s debut album Extermination Process in 2013. The album of that time was a strictly limited edition of only 100 self-produced copies. The band’s Canadian label, CDN Records, put out Displeased Disfigurement‘s second album Origin Of Abhorrence in 2017; and has opted to re-release Extermination Process as a re-mixed and mastered iteration in 2018. This revamp draws it’s first ghastly breath today!

Extermination Process, a new lease on life

Extermination Process is back! With the assistance of CDN Records and Visceral Sound, it’s sounding more brutally polished than ever and features a fresh gory artwork to boot. Darius from Displeased Disfigurement describes the feelings attached to completing the original work five years ago as an accomplishment.

“The first album, when it came out, was for me and the band a milestone. Not only was it the first ever album that we had recorded by ourselves, but also the first time we could express our musical development with everybody. We took everything on by ourselves; from the actual recording to the mix and master, and we had a huge mountain ahead of us that we knew was going to be a massive learning experience.” ~ Darius Wilken (guitars/vocals, Displeased Disfigurement)

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With the re-release, many of those emotions are being visited again and even amplified:

“Having this remixed and remastered is very overwhelming and exciting. Some of these tracks come from days where the metal dream was still massive, and having all these tracks heard again in a better mix gives us the pleasure of doing what we do. This our past, and what better way to allow our fans to listen to our past and enjoy the band that we have become today.” ~ Darius Wilken

Apart from global availability via CDN Records, Displeased Disfigurement will receive 150 units of the fresh pressing for sale to fans in South Africa.

Global Metal Apokalypse Award

Another feather in the cap for the Mpumalanga death/grind act is the winning of a GMA award for ‘best release of 2017’ for Origin Of Abhorrence by the metal blog, Global Metal Apokalypse. It sure is nice to see South African extreme music making an impact abroad.

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