Displeased Disfigurement: first taste from Origin of Abhorrence

Middelburg, South Africa: also known for sharing band members with the suitably abominable Bleeding Spawn, the Displeased Disfigurement camp brews a little more of a slam and grind infused concoction than the extreme death metal of the former. However, with the pedigree of musicians being high, the two bands share a few other similarities too, such as an affiliation with Canadian record label CDN Records plus both utilizing the album cover artist Raymond Art from Indonesia.

However, today is Displeased Disfigurement‘s day to destroy! The band unleashes it’s first single from the upcoming album Origin of Abhorrence with the track ‘Analgestic Subjection’, released via Slam Worldwide.

“‘Origin of Abhorrence’ is our second album. We are bringing it all to the table; from grind to slam to just pure brutality taken from all our influences; this is sure to be our best work to date and we assure you that this will be one heavy release.” ~ Darius Wilken (vocals/guitar, Displeased Disfigurement)

The track list for Origin of Abhorrence plays out as follows:

1. ‘Intro’
2. ‘Parasitic devourment’
3. ‘Malignant misery’
4. ‘Infernal machine’
5. ‘Analgestic subjection’
6. ‘Human cattle’
7. ‘Lock down’
8. ‘Illuminated race’
9. ‘Injected suffering’

As to the release date for the album in it’s entirety, it is said to be arriving on 9 June with digital downloads via the Displeased Disfigurement bandcamp page, and physical copies via CDN Records.

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Displeased Disfigurement 2017 Origin Of Abhorrence album art