Displeased Disfigurement: features on International Solidification

Displeased Disfigurement 2018 split album, International Solidification

Middelburg, South Africa: roughly one year after the release of its Origin Of Abhorrence album and six months following a re-release of its Extermination Process debut album, Displeased Disfigurement is back with some new music.

International Solidification: a three-way split album

Three brutal bands from three continents come together beneath the label of Candian-based CDN Records. The overlords of extreme music distribution compiled an album titled International Solidification; featuring songs from Gape (Australia), Displeased Disfigurement (South Africa) and Existential Dissipation (Canada).

“On our side, these are the sickest and heaviest tracks we have ever brought out. We can’t wait for you all to get your hands on it.” ~ Darius Wilken (guitar, Displeased Disfigurement)

The new material also features new vocalist Theo Durand, with a dual vocal approach between Theo and long-time bassist, Dominic. Drums have also taken on a more aggressive approach.

“Our upcoming songs will be taking a more modern extreme sound… more in the slamming direction.. .with big hammers!” ~ Darius Wilken

Displeased Disfigurement‘s contribution to the International Solidification split album consists of three brand new songs: ‘Hypocrisy Showing’, ‘Engorging Appetite’ and ‘Somatic Neurosis’. These were recorded by band members Dominic and Darius in South Africa, with mastering by Visceral Sound in Canada. Whilst physical copies are already available via CDN Records website, a digital release will follow in due course. Displeased Disfigurement will also visit other South African cities later this year, including Johannesburg (Ragnarok III), Cape Town (TBA) and Durban (TBA).

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International Solidification – Gape / Displeased Disfigurement / Existential Dissipation 3-Way Split CD + Full Colour Sticker