Dreamcircle Records: ‘progressing’ in Africa

Dreamcircle Records 2016

Kimberley, South Africa: it’s not every day that we hear about a new record label with international interests growing from roots anchored to African soil. Today we would like to introduce Dreamcircle Records who claim to be the first international progressive metal label based on African soil. The brand (not to be confused with Germany’s Dream Circle Records) was established in April of this year as a partnership between South African and USA residents, and has signed four bands to date which include Unprocessed (Germany), Crossing The Rubicon (USA), Meek (South Africa ) and Ascend The Throne (Cananda)

The label has established ties with media mogul The Circle Pit, the DjentworldwideTV channel, Nowed Records, and Durban-based events promoter Guerilla Events.

“Apart from being the largest prog label on African soil, we are looking to use our resources and network to enrich African metal. We’ve noticed how divided the metal scenes are throughout the continent and our long term goal as a label established on the same soil is to connect/unite the whole continent and sign the best African prog metal bands to showcase on both local and international platforms.” ~ Donavan (Label Manager, Dreamcircle Records)

Donavan feels confident that with the international relations already built up, the label can advance new talent towards aspirant heights by identifying top talent. He speaks of the “family values” of a label run “for the artist, by the artist”, with it’s management team comprising also of members from bands already signed to the label.

Here at metal4africa, we watch with great interest as this story continues to unfold.

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