Dreams Of Nightmares: Forever Haunted

Dreams Of Nightmares 2018 by Neil Janeke, Forever Haunted
Dreams Of Nightmares: image courtesy of Neil Janeke

Bloemfontein, South Africa: we spoke to Dreams Of Nightmares later in 2017 about the first single from it’s next album coming in 2018. The song ‘All Eternity’ is followed up now with another single; this one titled ‘Forever Haunted’ and including a lyric video.

News on the arrival of the full album still suggests a timely waiting period, mostly likely at the end of 2018. What we do know for the being is that the work in progress is titled Dark Shadows.

Forever Haunted: to satiate appetites

‘Forever Haunted’ – perhaps as its name suggests – is a matter of unfinished business. The song lives in anticipation of album number two; since, for reasons not shared, it didn’t make it onto the first. Dreams Of Nightmares tells us a little bit about the song’s origin:

“It is literally the first song we ever wrote as a band; and was changed and tweaked through the years until the final version in our lyric video. The song and lyrics are about facing up to your past and facing any fears – past or present – head on and not backing down. With all the negativity going on, we are trying to relay a positive message to never give up and stand up for yourself; and for what is right!” ~ Stefan Viljoen (guitar, Dreams Of Nightmares)

The lyric video was done by Christo Alberts and Dreams Of Nightmares recorded by Bartho Lubbe at Practical Audio Solutions in Bloemfontein. The only other information at this time is that Dreams Of Nightmares is working on a music video. It will be a special feature of the album’s title track: ‘Dark Shadows’.

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