Dreams Of Nightmares declare ‘The Fallen’

Dreams Of Nightmares

Bloemfontein, which is the heart of the South African inland where major road and railway routes connect to all parts of the country, seems ironically far from the beaten path for local metal genres. This is not to say that the city is completely devoid, however, with names like All Will Fall having stayed the course for many years, and other heavy bands on the scene such as Die Agenda, Throne Below, Priest Killer having encouraged an eye on the city’s underground from time to time. Although it now appears that the time is ripe for another Bloemfontein act to come into their own as extreme metallers, Dreams Of Nightmares, declare a debut album to come. They have offered ‘The Fallen’ as a sample track from their D.I.Y recording project.

“We wanna release the album by the end of July, hopefully. The music is all done, with just six more songs requiring vocals. We have a raw sound, yet we like it that.” ~ Shaun Mitchell (vocals/guitar, Dreams Of Nightmares)

The band cites local influences such as Crow Black Sky, Mind Assault, Contrast The Water and Dieversion; all of whom had self-produced at some point – if not entirely – over their careers. In the Bloemfontein scene, Dieversion are referenced as a particularly powerful inspiration.

“For us, Dieversion appear to be the pioneers of the Bloemfontein metal scene. They’ve released three albums and opened for some international bands. Definitely a band that I look up to, and I’m sure the rest of the Bloemfontein scene as well.” ~ Shaun Mitchell

Dreams Of Nightmares have also supported an international act just this year when Belgian hardcore band Ashes toured through the city alongside South African counterparts Conquerer.

Shaun speaks a lot about trying to revive and grow the Bloemfontein metal scene. With Dreams Of Nightmares being one of very few currently active metal bands in the city, he dreams that with the right amount of work, some day Bloemfontein could play host to a centrally situated South African metal festival. With this kind of attitude, we believe the band to be on the upward trajectory and wish them all the best of good fortune with their endeavors.

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