Dreams of Nightmares: first video released

Dreams Of Nightmares 2016 Remnants

Bloemfontein, South Africa: local metal band Dreams Of Nightmares have released a music video featuring the track ‘remnants’, which is also the first to appear from the band’s forthcoming album expected for release in 2017.

“We did our recording at Practical Audio Solutions in Bloemfontein. We really do feel its a step up from our previous recordings. This song is also the first recorded one with our new vocalist!” ~ Stefan Viljoen (guitar, Dreams Of Nightmares)

The video for ‘Remnants’ follows the theme of a post apocalyptic scenario and, we are told, actually make up the closing parts of the story-line which can be expected to unfold through the duration of the next album.

“The lyrics suggest remnants of pain, fear, misery, etc, where there is almost none of it left or just a little bit. Its like the closing chapter of a book, where you get the explanation of what’s left of the whole story.” ~ Stefan Viljoen

With the intrigue now set for this follow-up on the band’s 2015 Black Winter album release, Stefan remains regrettably tight-lipped about further details on the album suffice to say that we’ll have to wait until 2017, and that it will adopt a more melodic element into the already-familiar death metal sound that is already known of Dreams Of Nightmares.

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