Egypt Joins Its First Wacken Metal Battle

Wacken Battle 2014 Egypt

Last year, South Africa was the first African nation to participate in the global heavy metal band contest: the Wacken Metal Battle.  Of course, this refers to the Wacken Open Air festival in Germany which pulls tens of thousands of metalheads from all over the globe together each year.  The Metal Battle gives each participating country the chance to send their finest metal band to compete for the highest honours at the actual festival in Germany.  More than thirty countries take part, and 2014 is the first time that Egypt will also be sending a representative to make their metal nation proud!

Five Egyptian contestants have been announced in alphabetical order: Anarchy, Crescent, Nathyr, Sinprophecy and Wyvern.

Egypt has shown itself as an important player in the rise of African metal over the years, along with other nations such as Tunisia, Botswana and South Africa.  Each of the listed has produced bands who have traveled to perform in countries beyond African borders, and have developed their local scenes to the extent that they have hosted significant international artists.  It is a major triumph for all African metaheads to now have two African nations sending local representation to Wacken.

A Facebook page has been created by the Egyptian facilitators of the event where regular updates are being made.

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