Emalyth Arts Expo 7: The Rapture… is coming

Emalyth Arts Expo: The Rapture

Pay-day is upon us! If Gauteng and surrounds do not yet have their plans in place to attend Emalyth‘s annual showcase event next weekend, candidly titled as the Arts Expo, then now is the time to get it all together.

Arts Expo is one of Gauteng’s premier celebrations of alternative sub-culture and remains unique in the country. Unlike most music events, Sashquita Northey and her Emalyth team have focused equal care and emphasis on the role of visual arts in sub-culture, and branched off to also include elements of performance art (such as medieval combat enactments). This year, the event even includes a Cosplay component, and the overall theme of the event is as metal as it comes with: The Rapture.

The live music line-up includes great metal and progressive rock/metal bands from the furthest reaches, including top acts from Durban, Cape Town, and even an import from Mozambique with SarcotrofiA. Top tier music entertainment will come from national favourites such as (A-Z): Adorned In Ash, Beeldenstorm, Bile Of Man, Bleeding Spawn, Boargazm, Haggis and Bong, Red Helen, Theatre Runs Red and, along with many new flavours to the metal/prog pallet of vast varieties including: Amber Light Choices, Amidst The Ashes, Blame The Architects, Deity’s Muse, Hokum, HoneyBee, Lesuth, Ohgod, Raptorbaby, Rest For The Wicked, Rootage, The Overmind, The Unnamed Angels.

On the visual arts side, the event features a list of artists as long as the live bands list. We’d like to make special mention that works from Liam Milner O’Flaherty (piper for Haggis and Bong) and Cicero Carstens (bassist for Boargazm) who are both performing at Arts Expo, will also be on display, as well as from other well-known characters from within the local alternative scene including musicians, fans, and other personalities. Art works include paintings, illustrations, photographs, fashion and anything else of artistic interest.

OrustaAnother unique display will include a medieval combat reenactment by Orusta (visit website here), and other features such as fire dancers.

Visit the official facebook event page for details on camping, stalls, and other F.A.Q’s. If you scroll down and view the wall, you will also see some examples of artworks to be on display as sampled by some of the artists. Otherwise, 5-7 June at Wolmer Events Arena for R150 per person (full weekend) cannot be argued with as not being simply the best value for money for a weekend of extreme entertainment.

To find out more about the heart and soul of this event concept, there are a number of resources to explore, featuring interviews with the lady at the helm, Sashquita Northey:
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