Emalyth Arts Expo: Nine Lives – submissions open

Emalyth Arts Expo: Nine Lives

Pretoria, South Africa: this region’s most beloved local underground music and arts-focused festival returns in January 2017 for it’s ninth installation with Arts Expo: Nine Lives. With dates set and a stylish artwork to emphasize the theme and compliment the milestone, the promoter Emalyth has announced that submissions for 2017 are formally opened.

“We’ve grown this festival slowly, from a one-night show with just five artists and five bands to a bigger one-day show for a few years. Then finally into a fully fledged weekend-long festival with two stages, a stalls village, and a dedicated Artist Exhibition Space. We’re hoping to add more stalls and we’re working on ways to improve the Artist Exhibition Space next year, as well as add more variety to the forms of art on display.” ~ Sashquita Northey (event coordinator, Emalyth)

In the spirit of the event featuring visual artists as well as musicians, the event artwork for these festivals has developed into an important unveiling. This coming year’s event artwork has been created by the famed Lithuanian artist/photographer Natalie Shau, who is well known for her gothic and alternative style featuring the weird and macabre. She has delivered artworks for a number of metal bands, including the likes of Cradle of Filth‘s 2011 Evermore Darkly album.

Submissions have been opened for bands who wish to be considered for selection at the upcoming event over 27-29 January via the form below (or at this link). A facebook event page has also been launched in the meantime.

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