Emalyth Unleashes The Beast At Arts Expo VI

Emalyth Arts Expo VI

“Emalyth shows” is a phrase heard often in conversations with people of the greater Gauteng underground scene; and in some circles, the Emalyth brand is regarded as Gauteng’s primary driving force for extreme and alternative rock/metal genres. Spearheaded by the unmatched enthusiasm of Sashquita Northey since 2009, Emalyth has penetrated just about every available venue in the region and built a following out of their innovative vision of trying different and creative things. Although Sashquita has often described her organisation as a “stepping stone” phase for local acts, she still has some popular and accomplished bands returning often to perform at Emalyth shows for pure enjoyment. What remains undisputed as the most coveted event of the Emalyth calendar, is the Arts Expo; and represents an event concept which branches out from including not only just loud music, but LOUD artworks and other creative expressions too… such as this years inclusion of a performance by a medieval sword-fighting society!

Arts Expo VI: Unleash The Beast coincides with M4A’s own SummerFest’14 date, but takes place on the other side of the country. Both organisations saw this as a fantastic opportunity to mix things up a bit and do a cross-exchange of recommending local artists. As the larger event, sporting a full weekends outing with camping and the works, plus twenty bands, Arts Expo VI will feature three Cape Town acts including: Suiderbees, Ing and The Warinsane. In return, Cape Town will receive as guests Adorned in Ash from Gauteng at SummerFest’14, to feature alongside eight other locals.

The full line-up at Arts Expo VI can be viewed at the official facebook event page, plus details pertaining to venue, times and pricing.

Also at the event page, a full list of visual artists who will be exhibiting works can be viewed and includes some known personalities from the scene such as Liam O’ Flaherty of Haggis and Bong, with even the event artwork having been created by Heike Langhans of Draconian (Sweden).

The pricing looks very modest for what is on offer, and in the wake of such a monumental event with Lamb Of God this weekend past, it stands to reason that this will be a great place for Gauteng metalheads to go and celebrate their sub-culture and recount stories of the monumental event just past.

Emalyth Arts Expo VI shirtEmalyth are offering a FREE “Unleash The Beast” T-shirt to an attending member of the public. Enter by:
1. Visiting the event page
2. Sharing it on your own wall, and adding “I’ll see you there”
3. Tagging Sashquita Northey in the share

This will include your name into a lucky draw to take place on Friday night, live at the event.

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