Endorsement Deals: The Inside Scoop!

Endorsement deals: the inside scoop

Cape Town, South Africa: This week in Cape Town, local musical instrument retail chain Paul Bothner Music will be hosting a free workshop for musicians, teaching some tricks of the trade regarding international brand endorsement partnerships. The presentation will be hosted at Paul Bothner Music‘s Claremont branch (more here) in association with Music Exchange (Martin Myers, MC and Q&A), and features UK guest speaker Roger Williams.

Roger is the international sales manager for Laney Amplification and will offer valuable insights into what manufacturers of high quality brands look for in setting up relationships with musicians.

At www.metal4africa.com, we are proud to have been supported by Laney Amplification since the inception of our own SummerFest / WinterFest bi-annual live celebrations of South African heavy metal, and are currently in our tenth year of this happy relationship. We strongly urge all serious musicians within the Cape Town region to attend and learn, as the principles shared in this workshop will apply across all brands and market areas.

For more detailed information, join the official facebook event page and follow Paul Bothner Music and MEX on social media. And don’t dally! This opportunity is a once-off and takes place on Thursday 10 March at 18h30.

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Laney: Myles Thomas stage managerLaney: Justin RossLaney: Alistair Dring

Images: Courtesy of Chris Tazz Photography, taken at various SummerFest/WinterFest events.

Left: Myles Thomas, M4A‘s hardy backline tech
Middle: Justin Ross from Wargrave, putting his trust in the Laney Ironheart series
Right: Alistair Dring formerly from With Dawn, trying out the Laney Richter Bass series live.