Enraged reflect a little thought on ‘Mirrors’ single

Enraged JAHR 2015

Another great heavy metal product of Cairo, dual male/female vocal band Enraged have released the first single from their forthcoming Jahr EP yesterday. ‘Mirrors’, being the first track on the album, marks the beginning of a second chapter in the tale of a character, personified by the band’s music, begun with the release of the band’s first EP in 2014, Jeremiad (see article here). The character, described to us simply as the “protagonist”, continues on a journey of reflection about the world around him and, more hauntingly, a realization of his own sense of consciousness within it.

“‘Mirrors’ follows from where we left the story progress in Jeremiad where the ominous visionary realizes that it’s not only the world around him that has crumbled, but also his own descent towards madness as something sinister within him grows uneasy.” ~ Wael Ossama (vocals/guitar, Enraged)

Established in 2005, Enraged have grown as one of Egypt’s most consistent bands. Whilst heavy metal in essence, the band also incorporates atmoshpheric elements, utilizing keyboards, vocal harmonies, middle eastern scales and experimental song structures to create a variety of moods.

“Musically, we’ve been trying to dissociate ourselves from the “oriental genre”, as we don’t want to be branded as such. We’ve focused more on ambiance and dramatic transitions which is what really separates this track from the rest. We like to experiment with one or two tracks in every release we make, and ‘Mirrors’ is most certainly one of them.” ~ Wael Ossama

As with Jeremiad, ‘Mirrors’ was recorded and mixed by Yusef Ahmed at Vibe Studios in Giza, Cairo, although the more recent work was shipped off to Sage Studios in Nashville, USA for mastering by Drew Thomas and Steve Carrao. The stunning artwork was created once again by Jan Yurlnd of Dark Grove designs, who also delivered an artwork for the band’s Jeremiad release.

“Since Jeremiad and Jahr are part of the same story we wanted the artwork to feel consistent and linked with each other.” ~ Wael Ossama

Wael tells us that Enraged are preparing to record a full length album to complete the story.

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