Enraged release entire JAHR EP for free

Enraged JAHR 2015

Gizah, Egypt: local heavy metal band Enraged have released their full 2015 JAHR EP for free download. In September last year, we began following the JAHR story as the continuation of a greater telling leading on from the band’s previous release of the 2014 Jeremiad EP (see article here).

Now, the pieces of this chapter from the epic tale which continues to unfold with the two final tracks from JAHR both being released today, titled ‘The Line’ and ‘Shell Shock’ being the most passive and most aggressive in that order from this dynamic band’s latest offering.

“‘The Line’ takes a softer turn – or call it before the storm – and explores a different mood than what we usually do. This song has a special place in the story we’ve been exploring in Jeremiad and Jahr as our protagonist finds momentary peace in his faith. The song is also a tribute to the extraordinary Suffi poet and philosopher; Al-Hallaj.” ~ Wael Ossama (vocals/guitar, Enraged)

‘Shell Shock’ heralds the arrival of “the storm” hinted at by Wael, as this part of tale concludes. Yet, this is not the end yet, and we’ve been told that the final conclusion of this particular story told in music, will only arrive with the band’s next release already in the making. When asked why the band was releasing the material for free and without a sales option, Wael explained:

“We don’t have a sales option. We are planning to do so with the upcoming release now that our audience knows our music and what we offer. But for the time being we just want people to listen to our music and enjoy it free of charge.” ~ Wael Ossama

The JAHR EP in it’s entirety, as well as it’s Jeremiad predecessor, can be listened to and downloaded via the Enraged soundcloud page. Herewith a taster in the form of today’s two releases:

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