Facing The Gallows: Doom II music video out today

Johannesburg, South Africa: keeping it heavy, Facing The Gallows lets loose with another music video in advance of this month’s Dead Mindset album launch. Out today is ‘Doom II’, which pops up number three on the album track list. Take note of album tour dates across South Africa:

Facing The Gallows 2018 Dead Mindset tour details, Doom II

Doom II, another prelude to Dead Mindset

Dead Mindset is the band’s first full length album and follows two EP’s: ‘This is Hate City’ (2012), and; ‘Chapters’ (2013). ‘Doom II’ is the second offering from this coming work and represents Facing The Gallows’ more lighthearted side at its best.

“Simply put, the song is about getting OTJ – ‘on the jol’. The lyrics speak about living for yourself in the present, and going balls to the wall partying. We tried to capture this by shooting a full-blown, good ol’ fashioned house party, filled with our closest friends that have supported us since the beginning.” ~ Chase Beynon (guitar, Facing The Gallows)

As with ‘Tides of Terror’, which was released two weeks ago, ‘Doom II’ was shot by Mike Bell of Capitol Collective with directing and editing by Facing The Gallows guitarist, Chase Beynon.
The band extends gratitude to bassist Ray and his housemates who allowed their home to be transformed into the party setting, as well as friends who attended:

“Music is something that is meant to be shared, and we feel incredibly grateful to have so many amazing friends and family that love and support the music we have written. We hope people will get OTJ with us, and feel the vibe and excitement we felt when filming this music video.” ~ Chase Beynon

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Facing The Gallows - Photographer Mike Bell - Doom II release
Facing The Gallows: image courtesy of Mike Bell (Capitol Collective)