Facing The Gallows Bid Farewell To Frontman

The Last Supper

Today the penny has dropped and the global metal community numb-struck with the news that they will not be seeing Arch Enemy‘s Angela Gossow fronting that legendary metal band any longer. In South Africa, we’ve felt our own little tremor as, on this same day, we received news that Bryan Binneman will also be wrapping it up after seven years of fronting Facing The Gallows.

“Sometimes in life you hit a fork and you have to make some really tough decisions, sadly this is the time in my life where I have to make one and unfortunately will result in me no longer being the vocalist of Facing The Gallows. It would take way too long to fully explain to you all why it is I need to leave, but I hope you find it in yourself to respect my decision and keep supporting the rest of the guys as they continue to move forward.
This has been an incredible journey, I’ve gotten to travel all over South Africa, meet lekker people, play with awesome bands and have the most fun of my life. But just like every journey there needs to be an end… but I want you to know that this is not the end, I’m not giving up on music, I never will, I just need a vacation from it. Many of you wont understand my decision, but for those of you who do, salute!
I just would like to give a shout out to every person, who ever came up and spoke to me after a show, screamed in my ear, high-fived me and supported our music, you made this possible. Also just want to thank every musician I’ve ever shared a stage with, Rick, Ray, Chase and Vic for all the memorable experiences and putting up with me at the worst of times, my Dad – my hero, for being there at nearly every show, my girlfriend Rox and the rest of my family for all the support, and every single sponsor, organizer and fan, for contributing in someway for me to live my dream -Thank you. You will not be forgotten. Vrede!” ~ Bryan Binneman

The band has released a statement, along with a bitter-sweet photo depicting a “last supper” sort of scenario, wishing Bryan farewell as a friend who they will never forget. As for the team at M4A, we also wish Bryan all the best in his future endeavors, as it has always been a pleasure to work with all of the Facing The Gallows gang.

Bryan will be performing some final shows with the band before taking his leave, including the Asking Alexandria tour to South Africa this May. Facing The Gallows, as a band, will continue and appear to have a plan up their collective sleeve.

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