Facing The Gallows: Tides Of Terror video, single out now

Facing The Gallows 2018 press image, Tides Of Terror
Facing The Gallows: image courtesy of Nathan Ferreira – Snapback Photography.

Johannesburg, South Africa: today reveals the first single ‘Tides Of Terror’ from Facing The Gallows‘ first full-length album. ‘Tides Of Terror’ is accompanied by a music video, as well as the date for when the much anticipated Dead Mindset album will make landfall.

Dead Mindset is scheduled for release on 20 February, and will be followed in March and April by a national launch tour. What’s more is that Facing The Gallows will accompany USA’s Secrets on the three final dates; blazing through Pretoria, Johannesburg and Cape Town on a joint album launch campaign. Dead Mindset is available for pre-order on iTunes as from today.

Tides of Terror

Guitarist Chase Benyon is credited with directing and editing the video for ‘Tides Of Terror’, along with Mike Bell from Capitol Collective serving as Director of Photography. ‘Tides Of Terror’ takes quite a different approach from the last video delivered by Facing The Gallows; the SAMMA 2016 multi-award-winning ‘Filth’ which scooped Best Single and Best Music Video for its year of release.

“‘Tides Of Terror’ didn’t have a concept like with ‘filth’. We wanted to broaden our music videos and not rely on a story in every one of them to represent the music. We went for a simple band performance video. No bells; no whistles. Just the song and the band rocking out. With the other videos that will be released in the future, having a band performance video felt right on the list of band things to do.” ~ Bryan Binneman (vocals, Facing The Gallows)

Dead Mindset tour dates

Facing The Gallows will perform in a number of South Africa’s major urban centers in March and April as follows:

Facing The Gallows 2018 Dead Mindset tour details, Tides Of Terror

Established in 2007, Facing The Gallows continues its stand against the test of time. Performing at most major festivals in South Africa over the years, the band continues to delight fans; however, 2018 appears to be one of the most exciting yet. Armed with its first full length album, Facing The Gallows is already earmarked to support multiple international visitors to South African shores right into 2019. Visitors mentioned include Fit For A King, Dance Gavin Dance, Our Last Night and Hands Like Houses; all courtesy of Jam Packed Productions. Jam Packed Productions announced its first tour in the series just last week.

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