FANGS Volume II: a new compilation of African underground music

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Johannesburg, South Africa: the recently established Mongrel Records is back with another compilation album release today; introducing FANGS Volume 2. This second volume follows only four months after the first.

“Mongrel Records is proud to present Fangs Volume. 2, a second compilation of heavy music from the smouldering African underground.”

The original FANGS exhibited a display of heavier music from all over South Africa, but also including talent from other parts of the continent. On FANGS Volume 2 we observe an increase in coverage to the continental heavy music culture.

FANGS Volume 2

This volume kicks off with a power track from Johannesburg’s Facing The Gallows, now having surpassed the momentum of its powerful 2018 album, Dead Mindset. The track, ‘Small Hands’ is the first released by Facing The Gallows since singing to Germany’s Out Of Line Music.

The compilation moves quickly into other parts of the continental heavy music scene. Songs by Papang (the island of Réunion) and Dividing The Element (Zimbabwe) are followed by several more South African releases; including the internationally celebrated Vulvodynia. Later, more music by Vielikan (Tunisia), Lelahell (Algeria), Kishi (Angola) and Scarab (Egypt) cover not only a wide range of sub-genre, but also geography.

Track Listing:

  1. Facing the Gallows – Small Hands
  2. Papang – My Engine Burns
  3. Dividing the Element – Pakaipa
  4. Ill System – Ego Check
  5. Monstroid – Shadow Beast
  6. State Dependency – Bridges
  7. Albinobeach – Jugga
  8. Vielikan – God(s), Love and Life
  9. Lelahell – Adam the First
  10. Demogoroth Satanum – The Apostate
  11. Ethyl Ether – Ode
  12. Vulvodynia – Anthropophagus
  13. Kishi – Kianda
  14. Scarab – Coffin Texts

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